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Monday, January 11, 2010

Science notes F5 :Chapter 1

The classification of micro organisms
Micro organisms are living things which are tiny (so small) that cannot be seen with the eye.
There are five groups of micro organisms:

1. Bacteria

Structure : Have cell wall, nucleus
•Shape: Have various shape (rod, spherical)
•Reproduction : Binary fission, conjugation
•Feeding :
–Parasitic (get food from other living organisms)
–Saprophytic (get food from dead & decaying matter)
Habitat : air, water, soil…(all over the place)

2. Virus

•Structure : the smallest m/organisms.
•Have many shape: sperical, rod-shaped, rocket-shaped.
•Have nucleus (DNA) but doesn’t have plasma membrane, cytoplasm.
•Reproduction : only in living cell
•Feeding : Do not feed at all.

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